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This site is designed, maintained and hosted by James Spinola, Website Supervisor.  It is provided as a source of information for the residents of Chestnuthill Township and the surrounding West End communities.  It is not officially affiliated with any municipality, its officials or employees.


All content including HTML, scripts and photographs, is copyrighted by James Spinola and may not be used or reused without written permission.  The Internet is a public medium of information.  We are grateful to the other sites we link to for sharing their information for the good of the public.  We invite anyone to link to our site and to submit positive information about the West End for possible inclusion on this site.  We reserve the right to edit and/or not publish any information submitted to this site.

Chestnuthill/Pocono NEWS

The Chestnuthill/Pocono live news feed is an online service that searches the Internet news services for the key words Chestnuthill, C-hill and Pocono.  Because it is automated, some information is not specific to our area and relates to other areas that also contain these key words.  Please bear with us if some links do not pertain to our area.

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